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Thee 605 Outlaw Powerlifting Federation

 We've created an online environment for power lifters who want to promote their power and to influence others to join the sport.  Here you will be able to store your lifts and view your videos as well as viewing others and their rank.  There are a lot of strong people who can enjoy the sport of powerlifting and this is the place to do it.   This is where . . .

 POWER Plays All Over the World

Virtual Powerlifting 

  • ​Annual fee is $52.

  • All age divisions.  Lifters can lift  raw or equipped.  Rules are simple.

  • Scores will be determined by the Wilks Formula (age and weight based).  This makes it fair for all lifters.

  • Send us a video of your lifts (video must not be older than 90 days from submission).  You can submit a new video as often as you like for a small fee of $5 for each submission. 

  • We will post your stats on the website with a link to your video to be posted on our YouTube Channel.  If you qualify as the top lifter in your category your video will be featured on our website until someone else surpasses your score.  This makes for a friendly and fun competition.

Join our community of passionate lifters and inspire others with your remarkable achievements.

Click the "Navigate to the Member Portal" below to join!​

For detailed information email us at:

605 OPLF Sample View

sanctioned lifter

Sanctioned Lifts

Certified gym submissions and personalized profiles allow lifters to showcase their best performances, while our "digital card" streamlines the sanctioning process for an unparalleled lifting experience.

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